Discover AP Limited Editions: Crafting unique fountain pens, blending artistry and exclusivity.

A Love Story


Heritage Art and Perfect Writing Instruments

AP Limited Editions: Elevate your writing experience with Japanese Lacquer Art fountain pens.

Pushing the boundaries of ancient Japanese Lacquer Art

Shibayama Flowers and Fish



AP Limited Editions: Experience the artistry of Maki-e fountain pens, finely crafted.

The highest level of Maki-e ever achieved on a Pen

The Tree Of Life


The Finest Expressions of Traditional Lacquer Art on Perfect Writing Instruments that tell a story...

AP Limited Editions: Discover the intricate beauty of Maki-e fountain pens, a masterpiece.

Maki-e Lacquer Art

Traditional Lacquer Art from Japan which dates back over 1400 years.

There are but a few living legends skilled at this unique and rare art form. The AP Limited Editions Pens crafted in this tradition are true heirlooms.

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Chinkin Lacquer Art

Traditional Lacquer Art from Japan.

Chinkin is a very specialized Japanese Lacquer Art technique that involves engraving fine decorative designs on a lacquer surface and the extensive use of Gold powders. AP Limited Editions prides itself on bringing this heritage art tradition to its fullest expression.

Exquisite Chinkin Lacquer Art fountain pen by AP Limited Editions, a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Elegant Sakura Lacquer Art fountain pen by AP Limited Editions, a symbol of refined beauty.

Sakura Lacquer Art

Sakura Lacquer Art is the AP Limited Editions' tribute to first time collectors and others who appreciate Japanese Lacquer Art. These pens are crafted using a unique process that involves the initial layers screen printed on the pen and hand touched up with Hira Maki-e and lacquer.

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Urushi Lacquer Art

Urushi is the 'luxurious' sap found in the Urushi tree native to Japan. The AP Limited Editions Pens crafted in unique techniques of Urushi Lacquer Art are subtle and elegant.

AP Limited Editions' Urushi Lacquer Art fountain pen: a timeless masterpiece of artisanal elegance.


AP Limited Editions Bespoke Makie and other Lacquer Art pens for private collectors and corporates to commemorate a special occasion or event.

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AP Limited Editions crafts bespoke Makie and Lacquer Art pens for collectors and corporates.