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Limited Edition of 18 Pens

Nibs 18K   Available in F/M/B
Eye-dropper filling mechanism

The Buddha, originally royal prince Shakyamuni, was born in 624 BC in Lumbini, North India. His father named him “Siddhartha” and trained him to become a valiant Prince. Prince Shakyamuni mastered all the traditional methods of a great warrior, but always had a keener interest to know and master the meaning of life. Every encounter with the poor, the sick, the old and the dying led him to question why all living beings are trapped in a cycle of suffering. He felt compelled to leave the royal palace and retire to the hills to meditate and find answers to his questions.

The Buddha In Meditation tells the story of the quest of a young Prince sacrificing the pleasures, comforts and glory of the royal kingdom, to seek and experience a greater glory – the glory of the self and the understanding of life.

May THE BUDDHA IN MEDITATION inspire you to a greater share of all that he represents – the search for your truth and the meaning of life!