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Limited Edition of 18 Pens

Nibs 18K   Available in F/M/B
Eye-dropper filling mechanism

When Prince Siddhartha of the Shakyamuni kingdom left the comforts of the royal palace in his quest for the meaning of life, he chose to meditate in a place near Bodh Gaya, a town in India. After training in meditation for 6 years, he sensed he was very close to realizing the meaning of life and felt compelled to sit under a Bodhi tree, and not move until he completed his search for truth.

BUDDHA, THE ENLIGHTENED ONE, tells the story of how the chief of all the demons – Devaputra Mara tried to interfere with Prince Siddhartha’s meditation by conjuring up many apparitions – fierce animals, fiery arrows, and beautiful women; but the Prince was unaffected. The young Prince had transitioned from a deep sense of ignorance fraught by fears and difficulties, to a state of complete wisdom and peace, where nothing could disturb him. His path to enlightenment is celebrated in BUDDHA, THE ENLIGHTENED ONE.

May The Buddha, The Enlightened One, inspire you to a greater share of all that he represents – lasting peace and happiness!