The Connoisseur

Limited Edition of 9 Pens

Nibs 18K   Available in F/M/B
Eye-dropper filling mechanism

The Magnificent Crane is an iconic symbol of the rich heritage of Eastern cultures. As cultural symbols of good fortune and longevity, these graceful birds feature on many ancient and contemporary forms of Japanese and Chinese Art.

Japanese legends describe Cranes that live over a thousand years and the gifting of a thousand Origami paper cranes to the sick is very much a part of Japanese popular culture.

AP Limited Editions pays tribute to this beloved bird in a stunning Maki-e depiction of a sedge of nine Cranes against the golden shimmering light of dusk. The skill of the Maki-e Artist is apparent in the level of detail captured in every expression of this legendary bird. The surface is three dimensional, with the very highest level of Taka Maki-e applied to create a bold effect of standing and flying cranes, reflecting the golden glow of a royal red sun shining through delicate clouds on the horizon.