The Connoisseur

Limited Edition of 9 Pens

Nibs 18K   Available in F/M/B
Eye-dropper filling mechanism

The story of Japan’s cultural history is incomplete without the Tsuru, the Japanese Crane, revered as a symbol of good fortune and a long life. The Tsuru is revered in all forms of Japanese art, folklore and popular culture and is often featured in the Japanese art of paper folding called Origami.

AP Limited Editions invites you to explore THE GARDEN OF TSURU, resplendent with the fresh blooms of the Sakura, the cherry blossom. The flowering cherry tree is also integral to the cultural identity of Japan, in its impact on art and spirituality. The spiritual symbolism of the cherry blossom finds its origin in Buddhist tradition where the transient nature of life is depicted in the stupendous beauty but brevity of the blossoming trees.

THE GARDEN OF TSURU beckons you to celebrate life to the fullest and be blessed with good fortune!