The Connoisseur

Limited Edition of 9 Pens

Nibs 18K   Available in F/M/B
Eye-dropper filling mechanism

AP Limited Editions celebrates the Chinese Zodiac with the arrival of the year of The Rooster. The Chinese Zodiac comprises of twelve animal signs that are impacted by the five elements of fire, wood, water, earth and metal. As the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster signifies good fortune and protection.

This pen has been crafted in raised Take Maki-e techniques to reveal the splendid body, plumage, face and expressions of the Rooster. Hira Maki-e and Togidashi Maki-e are other techniques used in the backdrop and process.

Skillfully crafted in many techniques of Maki-e, a bold and beautiful Rooster stands proudly as the male chicken that protects his flock of hens.