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A Limited Edition of 25 Pens

Nibs 18K   Available in M
Converter filling mechanism

The Shibayama technique was named after Shibayama Dosho who first introduced it in the 18th century, and was used exclusively for items to be exported to the West. A wonderful example of Japanese aesthetics, culture and art, this pen displays this extraordinary Japanese skill with stunning artistry and amazing detail. This pen is a true representation of Maki-e and Shibayama and while it has been created now, has the perfection of an art form that is almost extinct. Tatsuya is probably the one artist who can create something so unique, so beautiful in modern times. The artist has used coral along with mother of pearl, abalone and gold for this pen. We are very proud of this pen and will be bringing forth a series of pens with this stunning art form.

AP Limited Editions invites you to explore this beautiful art form that has evolved through time and continues to transform space and art from medieval to modern.