The Tiger AT Home

The Writer

Maki-e Art

Limited Edition of 9 Pens

Nibs 14K   Available in EF/F/M/B/Flex
Converter filler mechanism

AP Limited Editions presents The Tiger At Home; a spectacular feature in Maki-e Lacquer Art. The backdrop of a Bamboo Forest is expertly crafted with several dense layers of Gold powder, Silver powder and Brown Urushi lacquer. A ferocious Tiger is created in high relief with every detail of its strong and sinewy body brought to life in precise applications of Urushi, Gold and Silver powders and polished to perfection in the finest techniques of Maki-e Lacquer Art. This fabulous feature is adorned with many traditional Japanese symbols of good luck and happiness. Bamboo is essential and auspicious in Japanese culture. It symbolizes nobility, power, and purity since it stretches straight up to the sky, grows fast and stays green during the winter. The Tiger is a symbol of power and strength.