THE CELEBRATED DRAGON - Maki-e fountain pen, a majestic tribute to the mythical creature.

The Celebrated Dragon

CONTINUITY - Maki-e fountain pen, an artistic representation of enduring flow and progression.


CARP IN LOVE - Maki-e fountain pen featuring two golden Carps in a romantic aquatic embrace.

Carp In Love

MAGIC IN HYOMON - Maki-e fountain pen, exquisitely crafted in the Hyomon technique

Magic In Hyomon

NATIVE GEOMETRY - Maki-e fountain pen, an artistic exploration of indigenous patterns and design.

Native Geometry

RADIANCE - Maki-e fountain pen, a luminous masterpiece that exudes brilliance.


ORNAMENTAL YORAKU - Maki-e fountain pen, an exquisite blend of artistry and elegance.

Ornamental Yoraku

ADMIRING THE WATERFALL - Maki-e fountain pen, a serene tribute to the beauty of cascading waters.

Admiring the Waterfall

TEXTURES IN GOLD - Maki-e fountain pen, an artistic exploration of intricate gold detailing.

Textures in Gold