The making of the Splendid Synergy - Technique Details

This grand pen features 105 squares with 4 triangles within each, inlaid with pieces of 18 karat gold, abalone, mother of pearl, coral, eggshell, and overlaid with colored Urushi. These triangles work in complete synergy following the cylindrical body of the pen that is wider on top and tapers down to the bottom. This stunning pen has been painstakingly crafted over a ten month period.

Solid and striking, precise and perfect, Splendid Synergy is an immutable testimony to the vast potential of the artistry of Maki-e and the complete skill of the human hand of one of our favorite Maki-e artists.

The pen body is tapered and the design demands triangles to be placed in perfect precision.Geometric delta shaped Coral, Mother of Pearl Eggshell has to be cut carefully and precisely.

Every square is painted with Urushi and sprinkled with charcoal powder and hardened by Urushi before the surface is repeatedly burnished and finished.


Once the coral is cut and polished and cut into delta shapes, four pieces of smaller triangles are used to fit the large triangle. And because the pen is tapered, the shapes have to fit the space precisely. Every large triangle is different in size so this process requires great skill.


Gold, Silver, Abalone shell, Quail shell and other shells are cut and placed just like the Coral pieces described in the steps above. Each step of the process requires repeated burnishing, rubbing and polishing.


The parts of the pen that are raised with charcoal powder and the parts carved are painted with Urushi followed by sprinkling Gold and other powders to seal and finish each section.