METAMORPHOSES - Maki-e fountain pen, an artistic exploration of transformation and change.


SNOW MONKEYS AT THE ONSEN - Maki-e fountain pen, a charming representation of Japan's iconic bathing snow monkeys.

Snow Monkeys at the Onsen

THE FLIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS - Maki-e fountain pen, a graceful tribute to the freedom of seagulls in flight.

The Flight of the Seagulls

THE FRAGRANT LILY - Maki-e fountain pen, a delicate ode to the beauty and aroma of lilies.

The Fragrant Lily

A RABBIT'S JOURNEY TO THE MOON - Maki-e fountain pen, a whimsical tale in artistry.

A Rabbit's Journey to the Moon

NATURE'S SYMPHONY - Maki-e fountain pen, a harmonious celebration of the natural world.

Nature's Symphony

FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES - Maki-e fountain pen, an equestrian masterpiece celebrating the noble beauty of horses.

For the Love of Horses

SOUND OF THE MOUNTAIN STREAM - Maki-e fountain pen, a serene tribute to the tranquility of flowing mountain waters.

Sound of the Mountain Stream

THE POETRY OF FLOWERS - Maki-e fountain pen, an artistic expression of floral beauty in verse.